Merchant Account Services

For accepting payments online (online credit card processing solution etc) every web-merchant needs merchant account.

Some merchants assert that it’s possible to accept online payment without having merchant account. This is not entirely true, as the merchants are not informed about aggregated merchant account that is used to provide card processing services to them.

Having Internet Merchant Account is essential for online credit card payment processing.

Merchant Account or Internet Merchant Account (Merchant ID) – is essentially a special bank account which allows web-merchants to deposit and refund online payments. It is typically obtained through an acquiring bank. This bank has a relationship with international payment system (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB and others).

But having only internet merchant account is not enough for accepting payments on merchant’s website. Merchant also needs Payment Gateway to be installed and integrated on its website and Merchant ID.

Payment gateway – software on a provider’s server that handles the transmissions between payer and merchant that are required to complete an electronic transaction. In other words, Payment Gateway is software solution for bundling internet merchant account, website and customer (or payer).

Industries we work with
 Adult Industry
 Consumer Goods Trading
 Travel service/Tickets
Other Payment Solutions we provide
Merchant Account Services from ZuzuPay


ZuzuPay provides merchant account and payment gateway as one solution required to start accepting card payments on a website. Our clients monitor all money transactions in real-time, using business tools that we provide you within your personal cabinet on our merchant portal.

Dedicated Merchant account

We provide mostly Dedicated Merchant accounts. In contrast to Aggregated Account (that combines several merchants on it), Dedicated Merchant Account allows our clients to avoid risks, get control over cash and get better approval ratio

Merchant Accounts for highrisk industries

We specialize in offering services to high-risk businesses: gambling, gaming, betting, lotteries, forex, adult and more.
Why is a merchant account at ZuzuPay the right choice for business?

Wide network of acquiring banks

We have 30+ acquiring bank – partners in EU, Asia, CIS so we can select the most suitable merchant account solution for your location and industry with good approval ratio and rates. We provide an opportunity to accept payments in 130 currencies.

Secured Payment Gateway

We provide reliable multi-currency payment gateway and ensure the security of payments with 3D Secure technology, anti-fraud system and PCI DSS standards.

Individual Approach

We understand that every business is unique. Our team are professionals who are committed to helping our clients select the right solutions that will work specifically for their business.

Grow your business with us.

ZuzuPay will connect you with thousands of customers around the world and will process payments for you easily, quickly, and securely. We will help you build a global business. Contact us now to learn the details how you can get started.

We work with offshore entities

We are serving offshore merchants as well. For some cases we open Merchant Accounts to offshore entities of our clients, so they can decrease their taxes and minimize costs.


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