Zuzupay Complex Payment Solution

  For many businesses, accepting payments online and choosing the correct integration for their e-commerce business is their first critical step to success. But the online payment world may look somehow confusing.

Every online business that chooses to accept credit and debit card payments requires a payment gateway and an internet merchant account at Acquiring Bank. At ZuZuPay, we can set up your merchant account and provide you with the payment IT solutions required to start taking card payments. When a payment transaction has been completed, an internet merchant account at our platform will allow you to get funds, which will be later transferred to your business bank account.

With complex payment solution at ZuZuPay you can offer your customers easy, fast, and convenient ways of buying from you. According to statistics, 9 out of 10 people use a credit card for their online purchases, and ZuZuPay can assist you with all your merchant account credit card processing needs.

Wondering how it works? The process is really easy.

1. Customer makes a purchase at Merchant’s website. Coded information is momentarily transmitted on Zuzupay Payment Gateway servers.

2. When our anti-fraud system approves transaction, the data is transferred to our Acquiring bank and Merchant receives a notification of payment status. In case there is some kind of fraudulent activity the payment will be declined and the data will be added to our static blacklist after checking.

3. Acquiring bank receives payment information and initiates an inquiry to Issuing bank via International payment systems VISA and Mastercard.

4. Issuing bank either approves or declines the payment and informs both International payment system and Acquiring bank.

5. Zuzupay instantly receives Issuing bank response along with unique code for acceptation or declination of transaction.

6. Zuzupay notifies Merchant about payment status.

7. Customer receives confirmation of successful payment.

Industries we work with
 Adult Industry
 Consumer Goods Trading
 Travel service/Tickets
Other Payment Solutions we provide

Advantages of Zuzupay Complex Payment Solution:

Easy Integration

The integration of our platform takes 2-3 business days. We provide PCI DSS payment gateway.

Reliable payment platform

You will get instruments that will make your transactions safer. The platform will track all your transactions online and in details.

Smart Routing

Easily configurable rules route your payments to the appropriate bank with the best approval rates and conversion.

Payouts on time

Be sure that you will receive your money on time.


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