Internet Acquiring Solution + Payment Gateway

Internet-acquiring is a service which allows web-merchant to accept online payments directly on the merchant’s website using bank cards or internet banking. Mainly it means accepting payments using Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB, MIR, CUP and other international payment networks.

Necessary participants of the service are acquiring bank, issuing bank, card or account holder, payment network and service provider.

 The issuing bank is the bank that issued the payer’s card (Visa or MasterCard or other) and opened the account of the card.

The acquiring bank provides credit card merchant accounts to merchants (Merchant ID). This bank has a relationship with international payment networks. The acquiring bank is responsible for clearing transactions after they are charged to a cardholder and makes the deposits into a bank account when credit cards are processed. Technically, when the payment is initiated the acquiring bank through the payment gateway passes the authorization request to the customer’s bank to deduct the money.

A service provider is the web service that integrates the merchant’s website with the Merchant ID acquirer bank and provides payment gateway and platform for processing of the transactions (security, tracking, customizing payment pages, provision of detailed reports, facilitation of payment conversion etc).

Payment gateway – software on a provider’s server that handles the transmissions between payer and merchant that are required to complete an electronic transaction.

Zuzupay both provides 2-in-1 solution (Merchant account and payment gateway), so our clients do not need to separately contact different suppliers. We provide all-in-one solution.

Wondering how it works? The process is really easy.

1. Customer makes a purchase at Merchant’s website. Coded information is momentarily transmitted on Payment Gateway servers.

2. When Payment Gateway system approves transaction (anti-fraud, verification etc), the data is transferred to the Acquiring bank and Merchant receives a notification of payment status. In case there is some kind of fraudulent activity the payment will be declined and the data will be added to our static blacklist after checking.

3. Acquiring bank receives payment information and initiates an inquiry to Issuing bank via International payment network.

4. Issuing bank either approves or declines the payment and informs both International payment system and Acquiring bank.

5. Payment Gateway receives Issuing bank response along with unique code for acceptation or declination of transaction.

6. Payment Gateway notifies Merchant about payment status. So, the merchant can check Merchant Account updates balance.

7. Customer receives confirmation of successful payment.

Industries we work with
Adult Industry
Consumer Goods Trading
Travel service/Tickets
Payment Solutions we provide
Complex Payment Solution from ZuzuPay
Card Processing
Internet Acquiring
Payment Gateway
Merchant Account
Bitcoin Processing
Wire Payments



Advantages Zuzupay Internet acquiring:


Dedicated Merchant Account

We provide direct Dedicated Merchant ID (MID). In contrast to Aggregated MID (that combines several merchants on it), Dedicated MID allows our clients to avoid risks, get control over cash and get better approval ratio.


We process offshore merchants

For some cases we open MID to offshore entities of our clients, so our clients can decrease their tax and minimize costs.


Network of acquiring banks

We have 30+ reputable acquiring bank-partners so we can select best solution for different industries, locations.


High risk industries processing

We have acquiring bank-partners which are specialized on high-risk industries processing.


Secured Payment Gateway

We provide reliable multi-currency payment gateway and ensure the security of payments with 3D Secure technology, anti-fraud system and PCI DSS standards

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